Dolly Hinckley

Keys to Happiness After Divorce


Is your life all you want it to be?  Are you living the life you would like? How can you get more out of life? Perhaps one of these hints would work for you.

Relate to people. Share friendly relationships.  Be interested, really interested, in other  people.  Talk about them, not yourself.  Be a good friend. Make time to be with your family and loved ones.

Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend.  Give yourself the same rights and privileges that you would give to others.  Pat yourself on the back at every opportunity.  Do not scold or berate yourself when you spill that milk.  Do those things that make you feel good about yourself.  Love yourself as you are now.

Enjoy your work. Look for a job that you really enjoy.  Look for meaningful voluntary work that satisfies a need to be useful, that takes you away from obsession with self.  

Have a purpose. Some people set goals.  Others are organized, but not rigid.  Make plans that allow for you to enjoy yourself along the way.  Make a realistic assessment of where you are going.  Be flexible enough to change horses in mid-stream.  Have a zest for life.

Keep fit. Exercise.  Increase your energy through activity.  Aerobics, swimming, running, dancing, weight lifting, sports, walking, cycling, tennis, all give you a feeling of well being and happiness.

Cultivate a sense of humor.  Find the funny in everyday annoyances or in annoying people.  Laugh a lot.  Go to comedic movies. Watch television shows with laugh tracks and laugh along.

Express your feelings.  We all have good days and bad days.  Stress comes to everyone. Remember that you cannot appreciate the highs without experiencing the lows.  But try to

Keep a steady perspective and avoid extremes of emotional intensity. 

Dolly Hinckley