Dolly Hinckley
Mediation is the better way

Mediation Process

  • Initial no obligation consultation in which Dolly becomes acquainted with your situation, explains the mediation process, explores federal and state laws that might apply to you. Mediation Agreement signed.
  • Form a parenting plan, ensuring children’s best interests, if there are children. Either way, financial information is gathered and recorded (what you own, owe, earn, and spend)
  • Financial information is analyzed and discussed to come to a mutually accepted agreement about allocation of assets and liabilities (house, retirements, debts, etc.), support, medical insurance, tax filing.
  • Dolly prepares a Memorandum of Understanding, reflecting your decisions, the printed version of which is gone over in a short subsequent meeting. The final MOU is sent to your chosen attorney to be put into your legal divorce documents. We have a list of attorneys recommended by previous mediation clients.

Mediation Roles

Dolly’s Role Dolly is a neutral third party who provides a confidential environment in which you can make decisions.  She can provide you with a legal education by sharing her knowledge of current divorce law and can help you generate options that could work for you. Your Role To be willing to reach a fair and equitable agreement that you both can live with.  To provide full financial disclosure. To consider your children’s best interests. The Attorney(s) Role To prepare the legal documents as a neutral preparing attorney  at a lower fee. Your own attorney may also prepare the documents at his/her regular fee, or review those prepared by another. The Court/Judge Role To grant the divorce. You do not have to appear in court if you have a mediated agreement.


Dolly Hinckley

Dolly Hinckley has been a mediator in private practice since January, 1984, specializing in divorce mediation. She has also been doing some volunteer custody/visitation and PINS mediations for Family Court and the Center for Dispute Settlement since 1985, and, as a result, has been certified by the Unified Court System of the State of New York to do those mediations.

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